Watchman App

The Watchman App communicates with the Watchman Controller to provide highly secure and encrypted (using the same SSL technology for secure internet e-commerce transactions) access to your home. 


  • Available for iOS (Apple HomeKit compatible) and Android
  • Apple Home kit compatible (high security/encryption; Siri voice control)
  • High security "Digital Key" to allow schedule-based temporary access for your guests or household members
  • Send your guest a One Time Use Digital Key
  • Remotely control your garage door from your smartphone or tablet, wherever you are, with 3G or Wifi
  • Get Reminded via your phone's notification messages when you forget to close your garage door. Auto-Close (with programmable timer and schedule) after the garage door has been opened for certain time. This feature creates the peace of mind and convenient for the users
  • "Curfew" schedule as well as notification if not arrive home by certain time of day. Good for monitoring teenagers' "checkin" time
  • Multiple/simultaneous accounts/phones access at no extra cost (B= shareable by all family members without the extra cost of each and every remote as in the traditional RF remote)
  • History log (audit) of all accesses