NousLogic ReachMe ActionTag

Available in Q1, 2017

For a description of ReachMe and how it works, refer to ReachMe LiveTag.

The ReachMe ActionTag allows the user to automate a series of IOT or web services with a simple, quick scan of the tag using the smartphone's camera.

ReachMe ActionTag offers benefits over IOT buttons (such as Amazon DASH and Logitech POP):

  • No battery to replace, zero maintenance
  • Practically no cost, print as many ActionTag as you need
  • Programmable versus single purpose IOT button (such as Amazon DASH) 

What Can You Do with ReachMe ActionTag?

Here are some examples of what you can do with the ReachMe ActionTag app and service:

  • Put ActionTag sticker on frequently used items for one-click online shopping
  • Visitors can scan the doorbell Action Tag to connect to the home owner and simultaneously turn on the front porch light. If the visitor's ID has been pre-authored, he can unlock the smart door lock or open a garage door (requires NousLogic Garage Watchman)
  • Automate IOT devices even when the visitor does not have the IOT applications installed.