Watchman Controller

The Watchman Controller is an upgradable, programmable, and internet connected device that communicates with Nous Logic sensors and other IOT devices in real time to manage  the access to your home and monitor events that are happening inside your home.

  • Works with most garage door openers (LiftMaster, Genie, Craftsman, Chamberlain, Skylink, and others)
  • Easy installation and setup of the hardware. Free app supported on iOS and Android
  • Support up to 2 doors; easily upgradable to 3, 4 garage doors (or more, even for interfaces other than garage doors; e.g. any relay-based appliances)
  • Buzzer audio alarm to warn nearby people of imminent door moving event (from Remote commands or Auto-close command) for added safety
  • It comes with a standalone WiFi router so that even when home WiFi is down, you can still control the garage door via the Watchman App or the Remote Control

DoSomething Sensor

The NousLogic DoSomething sensor is a small battery powered bluetooth low energy device that can be programmed to notify your smart phone or sound the alarm in two different ways:

  • Programmed to do something if it is moved.
    • It can be temporary placed on your luggage when you are travelling on a train.
    • Business owner can attach it to valuable objects around his property.
  • Scheduled to remind you to do something until it is moved.  
    • It can be placed on medicine bottle so that the Watchman App can be scheduled to remind you to take your daily medicine or vitamin. The Watchman App can be programmed to keep reminding you until the DoSomething sensor is moved.
    • It can be placed on important things that you have to bring along when you are traveling.